About Us

Since 1984, ‘GT’ has a proven record of successfully Developing Cost Effective Processing Solutions for virtually any application Whether its Flatness, Sizing, Surface Finish that’s required. Our Design and Process Engineers Combine our supreme machine quality and process innovation in order to achieve the Highest Returns for your investment.

Guindy Technocrats offers GT make Single and Double Sided Lapping Machines of various sizes. We also offer Lapping Accessories, lnspection Equipment and Consummables for Lapping and Polishing process.

Speciality Machines like Single /Double Spindle Polishing Machine, Metallographic Polishing Machines/Laboratory Machines, Two Disc Lapping/Polishing Machines & Optical Pitch Polishing Machines. We also offer Surface Plates, Bench Centres, Angle Plates, Box Angle Plates, CNC Pallets, & Belt Grinding Equipment / Attachments.

‘No matter what type of processing technology suits your application, you can be sure that ‘GT’ will provide you with the Best Possible Product at a Best Possible Price which would work all the way without any Maintanence Problems, Our Machines are simple, easy to use and have ‘Zero maintenance Advantage’. Thereby giving you that Competitive Edge in your markets.