Belt Grinding Machines

Abrasive Platern Grinding Equipment (Horizontal and vertical) with Dust Extraction System :

‘GT’ offers one of its most popular selling products used in variety of industries.

The Abrasive Platern Grinding Equipment with Dust Extraction System for Grinding of Platern Jobs, and the equipment comes with a unique state of the art Dust Extraction system, which sucks all the dust generated while grinding a particular job, thereby keeping the sorrounding envoriment clean. The Grinding operation is carried out using different types of Abrasive Belts

Specification :

Belt Size : 200 x 1500mm.
Plate Size: 460 x 250mm.
Abrasive Belt Speed : 600 to 800 r.p.m.
Main Motor : 2H.P.
Dust Extraction Motor : 0.5H.P.

Construction : The Housing is of steel fabricated construction of sufficient wt. Thereby, eliminating vibration to the spindle. The drive to spindle is through stepped ‘V’ Pulley. The Abrasive belt runs over a main spindle and an idler. The tension is maintained by spring load. The belt runs over a platern and provides working surface for platern grinding.

Dust Extraction System : The latest proven design of blower with centifugal blades fan fitted with the equipment.

Note : Due to Constant Development Work, there may be deviations from catalogue specifications.