Lapping Accessories

Monochromatic Light : are used to measure surface Flatness within millionths of an inch. These self contained units use monochromatic light to produce a glare free light of known wavelength. When used with Optical Flats, contrasting light and dark bands are readily observed on most reflective or semi reflective surfaces.

Optical Flats : are manufactured using the finest quality materials and latest manufacturing techniques. The optical Flats are made from the highest quality clear fused quartz, or BSC class. Which is known for its very low thermal expansion characteristics and resistance to abrasion.

Optical Flats are available in full range from 25mm to 300mm dia. Larger, Hollow and Special Shapes will be quoted upon special request. Available double surfaced/single side surfaced in certified Optical Accuracies of 1/10 th Light Band.

Polishing Stand

Portable Stand provides an effective and practical means of polishing work pieces prior to inspection with an optical flat and monochromatic lamp.

Polishing Papers

These papers feature very fine emery aluminium oxide abrasive bonding. Available in individual sheets.

Hand Lapplates

Are ideal for R&D work. Plates are Lapped flat to within 1 to 2 light bands, over 3inches. Available from 300mm to 400mm dia.

Note : Due to Constant Development Work, there may be deviations from catalogue specifications .